Thank you for joining me for Artist Interviews, Creature Design Challenges, Book Reviews, Illustration Updates for my Middle-Grade Novel “The Heterodoxeum”, and My Monthly Tales “The Nonsense Files”.

Artist Interview: Gaming Artist Seung Kim

Welcome to the interview part of my blog.  This month’s interview is with Gaming Artist, Seung Beom Kim.  Seung currently works for Gearbox Software and has contributed to such projects as “Battleborn” and “Borderlands3”, “Pocohantas” for Genesis, and “Toy Story 3” and “Tron” for Nintendo DS.  Prior to his jump to the gaming industry, he… Continue Reading →

Artist Interview: Animator Brian Ferguson

Learning from Experience I mentioned that every month I plan to conduct an interview with a professional artist.  This month’s interview is with Animator Brian Ferguson, a former Disney animator, and now, college professor.  Brian Ferguson continues to be a major influence in the animated film business. His fingerprints are on several films, and his… Continue Reading →

Creature brief #2 – The Bunyip

The Bunyip Hey Character Designers, This week’s Creature Design Challenge is of an Australian Cryptid known as a Bunyip. Now a Bunyip has many different descriptions so I was forced to choose a more common description for this challenge. It is a ferocious creature. Here’s your Creature Brief: A Bunyip is a large aquatic mammal… Continue Reading →


Welcome to THE POINT. In this section of my blog,  I am going to present tips or tricks to help you have more successful drawings. Today’s DRAWING TIP is for those who are struggling with perspective, particularly if you are not using a ruler.   A first instinct of artists is a tendency to straighten out… Continue Reading →

Art Book Review

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a book guy, with eclectic tastes.   I’m like an archaeological explorer in a library, and every Sunday I dive into the New York Times Book Section to see what interesting new releases might be coming. When I worked at the Walt Disney Studios, in Feature Animation, I… Continue Reading →

Artist Interview: Story Artist Tim Hodge

Learning from Experience. Every month I plan to conduct an interview with a professional artist.  This month’s interview is with Story Artist Tim Hodge, former Disney storyboard artist, director for Veggie Tales, illustrator, author, and college professor.  Tim Hodge continues to be a major player in the animated film business. His fingerprints are on several… Continue Reading →

Creature Brief #1 – The Beard Beast

The Beard Beast Hey Guys. I’m starting this blog off with a Character Design Challenge.  Years ago, I found on a British website a very interesting Creature Brief called the MUSTACHE MONSTER.  (I can’t remember the website, but if anyone does, please let me know so I could give a shout out.) The idea is… Continue Reading →

Mr. Vinny’s Art Blog announcement

Hey Everyone! I’m doing it.  I’m starting my blog! For all of you who don’t know me, I was an animator and clean-up artist for Walt Disney Feature Animation for over twelve years.  Before that, I worked for Ralph Bakshi on the movie “Cool World”.  Hand drawn animation is my passion, but I love all… Continue Reading →

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