Mr. Vinny’s Art Blog announcement

Hey Everyone!

I’m doing it.  I’m starting my blog!

For all of you who don’t know me, I was an animator and clean-up artist for Walt Disney Feature Animation for over twelve years.  Before that, I worked for Ralph Bakshi on the movie “Cool World”.  Hand drawn animation is my passion, but I love all aspects of Art .  I create murals, puppets, games, and puzzles.  I can also juggle 5 objects now. 

As I’ve been teaching art to students, from 3rd graders through 98 year olds, for over nine years now, and the pressure to compliment my lessons through social media has mounted, I figure now’s a great time.  Since we’re all sitting at home looking for ways to stay sharp through drawing exercises, challenges, and what to read, I thought here would be a good place to go over homework tips and reviews of art books worth looking at to add to your library.

Prepare yourself for the same sort of fun and silliness as in my classes.

My main focus of this blog will center on character design challenges for the sketchbook, interviews of professional artists in different fields, and reviews of art books and artists worth studying.  I’ll also offer my opinions of the ones to save your money on.  My classes will still be the main source of in depth tips and tricks for solid illustration, storytelling techniques, and animations.  So if anyone is looking for a fun way of learning the solid foundations of drawing well, sign up for my live online classes. 

So now’s the time to let your friends know that this is happening!  Feel free to share this blog and invite all your friends that you want to draw with. Sign up for notifications by subscribing to this blog, there is a Follow button in the bottom right corner of the page.

Then you need to confirm through your email.  

Our first character brief is coming up! 

Stay tuned.

Draw masterfully,

Mr. Vinny

You can check out my full bio here:

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Check out the Kablooie Studios website to sign up for live video classes!

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