Creature brief #2 – The Bunyip

The Bunyip

Hey Character Designers,

This week’s Creature Design Challenge is of an Australian Cryptid known as a Bunyip.

Now a Bunyip has many different descriptions so I was forced to choose a more common description for this challenge. It is a ferocious creature.

Here’s your Creature Brief:

A Bunyip is a large aquatic mammal that lives in lakes and lagoons.  It has a dog-like head (sometimes with a beak), an alligator or hippo-like body with front arms bigger than back legs.  It has walrus teeth, flippers (sometimes), and a horse-like tail.  In water it swims like a frog, and on land it walks like a man.  It is said that it eats children.  The word Bunyip itself translates into “evil-spirit”.

According to legend, it’s been seen in Australia for hundreds of years.

An anonymous artist created this drawing in 1935.

Below is my first attempt at one using an Apple Pencil for the first time, with the Apps Adobe Sketch and Adobe Fresco on an ipad.

My first Apple Pencil sketch using Adobe Sketch

Can’t wait to see your designs.

Post your images on instagram at #mrvinnyscreaturechallenge so we can comment on them.

Draw masterfully,

Mr. Vinny

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