The Artwork of Vincent Siracusano

all material on this site is copyright Vincent Siracusano


“Chien Po” Clean-Up drawings from Disney’s “Mulan”

2-5 minute Gesture Drawings

“Beaker” (Oil on Canvas 3′ x 5′)

“Chess Set” (Cast Resin – lacquered)

“Wooden Puzzle” (acrylic on wood)

Nativity Pieces (Mary, Joseph, Jesus) Cast Resin

“Sweedish Chef” (Acrylic on Canvas 2′ x 2′)

“Moses” Wood-Relief Wall Mural (Acrylic on Wood)

“Gandy Car” (Acrylic on Wood)

Comic “The Appearing/Disappearing Rabbit”

“Anguish” (Oil on Canvas 4′ x 5′)

Hand-Drawn Animation “Sneeze”

Click here for 2 minute ANIMATION REEL

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